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        Haiyan Jiansheng Hardware Products Co.,Ltd 海盐建盛五金制品有限公司
        Haiyan Jiansheng Hardware Products Co.,Ltd established in 1995,we mainly produce many kinds of nuts with Standard of ANSI,DIN,GB,ISO,BS,UNI and JIS.Such as,hex nuts, hex jam nuts,heavy hex nuts,hex flange nuts,square nuts.We also can produce accroding to customers's drawing.
        Our monthly capacity is about 2000tons and most products export to America and Europe.
        We pay great attention to the quality and we passed the Quality System ISO9001.
        We warmly welcome you to visit our factory.
        比如,六角螺帽, 六角螺母,重型六角螺母,六角法兰螺母,方螺母。我们也可以根据客户的图纸生产。
        Honor 荣誉